Be The Next
Kammie Award Winner

You may not be able to win an
Oscar, Emmy or Grammy but
“ANYONE” could win a Kammie Award!
(See details / instructions below)

And the Winner is…

Previous Kammie Award Winners

2017 Kammie Award Winner
Brian Gebel
“Spiderman Powerless 2”

2018 Kammie Award Winner
Geren Davis
“Betrayal 3”

2019 Kammie Award Winner
Your Homemade Action Movie Here…
by Your Name Here.

Current Kamikaze Stunt Films Gallery

Train Robber Blues
by Saki Caan

Gonad The Barbarian
by Fugi Eastwood.

Dirt Bike Collides into Car
by Quasi Speilberg.

High Bluff Drifter
by Saki Caan.

Raiders of the Lost Cause
by Saki Caan.

Bank Robber Blues
by Quasi Speilberg.


It’s easy to enter. Just email us the link of your non-professional homemade action movie to or you can enter by completing the form below for The Kammie Award contest consideration.

Awards are announced during the Academy Awards “The Oscars” each year.

Each entry must include a plot and at least 1 stunt. Try to keep your movies short. Maybe less than 3 minutes.

Extremely offensive or socially inappropriate material will not be considered by a division of Moreland Media Inc.

By entering this contest, we reserve the right to edit your film for promotional purposes.

Kammie Award Entry Form